Week 1 Project: My Full Sail Story

May 11, 2020

Before I started at Full Sail, I was a small Business Owner, and creator of the only 100% American made Outdoor Hiking brand in the country. I had always thought that my dream job would be to start my own company and become my own boss. Upon growing my business over the next 6 years I became financially secure and had the ability to take time off when needed for any and every adventure I sought fit to seek. But then I realized that the key to my happiness did not rest in my ability to make create and brand goods as I see fit. Even more, my happiness did not exist upon my freedom socially either as I found ample opportunities to fill time and space and still found myself wanting more in my professional career. Because of that, I decided that for me to be the best version of myself and to lead a life of happiness, indeed, I must work in the industry that is my greatest joy. My passion ever since I was a child was Sports. The Chicago Bulls Dynasty, in general, sparked my love affair with stories of living legends that transcended time and space in a fashion never before seen by my generation or any generation prior for that matter. From a young age, a quickly realized my opportunity would never come to play on a professional career due to my size and talent level athletically. However, my love and admiration for explaining my passion and experiences were as large as the athletes I became so fond of. Because of that, I found myself in the Sports Radio industry. My passion for sports and, more importantly, the great stories that lie with the games covered. Because of that, I decided that living out my passion is what would make me the best version of myself and ultimately make me the happiest I could be. Until finally, I began working with ESPN as well as the Broadcasters Mentoring Group in Southern California. Ever since I decided to pursue my passion for media, I have been the happiest I have ever been. My mission is to share my perception and my connection with the stories and athletes that I was raised watching as well at the stories and athletes of today. I wish to connect the listeners on a level yet seen to lend my perspective and opinions so that I may open doors to future conversations based upon my spirit and my opinion of what I believe to be the standard of excellence and in sports for years to come.

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